What a beautiful piece ❤

Blooming Butterfly

Cue my ten- thousandth listen of ‘I Drink Wine‘ off of Adele’s album – 30. Stay at the chorus, ‘So I hope I learn to get over myself, stop tryin’ to be somebody else, so we can love each other for free’.

I don’t often think about the things I can and can’t survive because somehow, so far, I just do. I have continued to be here complete with my aliveness in years that have taken so much from me. Yes, I have gained so much in the same breath and still, my breath feels better held than released. I’ve spoken a little about how jarring movement, progress, ends and beginnings can feel when it is a reminder of how much has and is changing. Especially while I still feel like the ground beneath my feet is sinking sand.

I am a lot of things and lately, loudly…

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